After preparing the substrates and surfaces, the parts can be painted.

Colorsolution proposes two different types of painting, powder or liquid, the choice of the type depends on the type of support on which it is made

Powder coating

Powder coating is a dry process done through the use of a specific electrostatic gun in which the powder is mixed with air. The adherence on the surface is achieved by the electrostatic effect, i.e. the powder is subjected to a negative electrical charge and the material is earth-grounded, allowing a homogeneous coating.

After this coating phase, the workpiece is placed inside a special oven where it is baked at an average temperature of 180°, depending on the type and color of paint used.

The powder polymerises while melting, forming a layer able to resist chips, colour losing and scratches.

This type of coating can be applied to both small and big pieces: Colorsolution pays a lot of attention in the preparation of the surface to be treated, removing oils and greases to avoid the spoiling of the final product quality.

Types of powder coatings

  • Indoor polyester powder
  • Outdoor polyester epoxy
  • Standard or galvanized primers
Liquid painting

Liquid painting is a process which guarantees regular outputs, quality and characteristics predetermined with the Customer. As a matter of fact, liquid painting by Colorsolution gives you a finishing that, thanks to the film layer with anti-corrosive properties, makes the surface of the piece smooth and shiny.

Unlike powder coating that can be done only with materials not suffering alterations, as they will undergo an oven treatment at 180° C, liquid painting can be used for any kind of material, also for plastics with many hues and colours.

Types of liquid paints

  • Mono-component liquid paint
  • Epoxy and polyurethane solvent
  • Water based epoxy paint
  • Ceramic Paint


Ceramic paint is formulated to withstand no ill effects over time: the paint remains intact to any thermal shock, retaining its dense, solid color. Applicable to any metal part, it goes through preparation steps such as sandblasting. Its high chemical and thermal resistance make it a state-of-the-art product compared to other paints.


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