We offer the customer a series of additional services at the end of the painting, an added value to our work to ensure a complete and efficient service

Quality control

We offer control tests, with tools such as:

  • Thickness gauges: measure the paint thickness
  • Glossmeters: measure specular reflection gloss of a surface
  • Roughness meters: measure the smoothness (degree of roughness) of the surface
  • Viscometer: measure the viscosity of the paint
  • Environmental thermometers
  • Barometers: measure air pressure and humidity

In addition to these control tests, on request, we can also carry out destructive tests, such as:

  • Cross-cut tests
  • Mist-saline resistance analysis: at an external laboratory
Packaging and warehouse service

The material is carefully packed and eventually wrapped at customer’s request.

We can also take care of assembly and pre-assembly by supplying the customer directly with finished groups ready for shipment or pre-assembled groups ready to feed the assembly line.

We can also manage the finished product on request with Kanban method



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