We are certified ISO 9001:2015. The painted material is meticulously controlled in every part. Colorsolution has a wide range of highly technological instruments for quality control. Tests are executed according to the main international standards by highly qualified technicians.


There aren’t only painting workers in our team, but we also have technical and engineering departments. Qualified professionals who can take care of all customer’s requests and provide an efficient and professional service.

Seriousness and professionalism are the basis of Colorsolution’s activity, we use different color charts, specific for each type of use.


Colorsolution takes care of every detail, many of our processes are still done manually to ensure impeccable and handcrafted results.

Each project for us is unique, we can carry out customized solutions and respond to any needs of our customers. We can provide assistance and advice about your products.

360° service

We don’t only provide powder and liquid painting, but we can also offer additional services such as pre-assemblies, special packaging, material storage in our warehouses and much more.


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